Book of Immortals: Master


Among the new recruits of Arcadia Mountains, one is the reincarnation of her lover, another is the destroyer of the world.

The Book Immortals revealed the person responsible for the next world crisis would be found in the Immortal Sect of Arcadia Mountains, along with the reincarnation of Aaren, the only man Shann has ever loved. Armed with only her skills, a silent apparatus, and a magical mirror, Shann infiltrates the sect, intending to dispatch the threat and locate her love. Instead, she discovers an elusive consciousness more powerful than any she has ever faced. With danger rising, a reckoning is coming–one that suspends all their lives in the balance.

Book of Immortals: Master is the third book in Book of Immortals series for fans of wuxia, xianxia, and sword and sorcery fantasy.

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