Book of Immortals Series

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1. Book of Immortals: Disciple

Following her death in a plane crash, Celine discovers that neither heaven nor hell is an option for her. Miraculously, she’s transformed into the antagonist of the book she’d read prior to her demise. Now she must navigate this strange new immortal life, knowing that the antagonist’s journey won’t end well. Between covering up her devil ancestry in an immortal school and trying to understand her feelings for a senior apprentice, can Celine circumvent her impending doomsday to create a favorable plot twist?


2. Book of Immortals: Candidate

In the World of Immortals, death doesn’t always mean the end. The Casket of Restoration has held Shann’s body for one hundred years, keeping her lifeless self in stasis while she harbors an aware consciousness.

Harnessing the only power she can, Shann uses her ability to find her way back to the outside world, landing in a compatible body of dubious design. Now a Devil Leader of a powerful cult, she struggles to come to terms with who she is and what she may never be again. To further complicate matters, she discovers that she is a candidate for a powerful apparatus that could save the world—if she can survive long enough to be selected.


3. Book of Immortals: Master

It has been eighteen years since Shann saved the world, sacrificed everything, and took possession of the Book of Immortals. The book revealed that the person responsible for the next world crisis would be found in the Immortal Sect of Arcadia Mountains, along with the reincarnation of Aaren, the only man she has ever loved.

Armed with only her skills, a silent apparatus, and a magical mirror, Shann disguises herself to infiltrate the sect as a new recruit. Her goal is simple: find and dispatch the rising threat and locate her love. Instead, what she discovers is an elusive consciousness more powerful than any she has ever faced. With danger rising and questions swirling, Shann faces hard choices and a seemingly impossible situation. Her master is ascending, the sects are convening, and a reckoning is coming—one that suspends all their lives in the balance.